Kate & Laurel
Uniek was founded in 1989 just outside the cultural metropolis of Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is a charming city known for its artistic culture, excellent farm to table food scene, and high fashion boutiques. Although Uniek has been integral in home décor for over 20 years, we found a void when looking for well designed fashion items that were also affordable.
Thus, our newest and most exciting brand, Kate & Laurel, was founded in order to create well designed home décor pieces with accessible pricing. Our furniture and décor pieces are designed for the consumer to have beautiful and special accent pieces, and be the envy of all their friends! We at Kate & Laurel travel to design shows and boutiques all over the world to ensure that we are providing the latest trends with our expertly curated collections. Each piece is special on its own, but together they create a beautiful story.
We are so excited to share our story and new collection.
At Kate & Laurel, we want your home décor to be as unique and special as you are!